How it Works

Get points (seeds) by visiting and scanning the QR code at select locations around Pueblo, Colorado.


100 Seeds for every $1.00 and 1 Chile for every $1.00.​

 Redeem your seeds and chiles in the Rewards Shop.


The Rewards Shop is where you’ll find a variety of items to redeem your seeds and chiles for items, merch and other goodies.


The Rewards Shop is open year around and has new items added regularly.
Items from the Rewards Shop are not marketable or tradeable.



How do I get SoCoYoGo Seeds/Points?
Whenever you engage with certain activities such as scanning a QR code at a partner location, you’ll be given SoCoYoGo Seeds based on the earning potential of that activity. First, we convert this amount to USD, which then converts directly to the number of seeds you receive. Once you accumulate 100 seeds, it will automatically upgrade to 1 Chile worth $1.00.
Do SoCoYoGo Points expire?
Nope! Also, The Rewards Shop is here to stay, open all year around.
Some special events may offer temporary reward items or require you to redeem a certain amount of seeds by a set time. There may also be a limit set to how often you may accrue seeds/chiles on activities per day, week or month.
What are Reward Shop Items?
Our local partners offer physical goods, services or items that you may use SoCoYoGo seeds/chiles to redeem. These items are yours to keep. You may take a voucher to the partner’s location to receive your items.
Can I trade or sell the items I get from the Rewards Shop?
No, all items from the Rewards Shop are associated with your account and cannot be transferred to others.
What else can I use my seeds/chiles for?
This is new application and our team is planning to expand the ways you can use your seeds/chiles in the future. Have an idea? Shoot us an email at
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