What is SoCoYoGo?

Our Goal

The Southern Colorado Youth Go (SoCoYoGo) online platform will address and decrease accessibility, affordability, and connectivity barriers youth have when participating in positive and healthy opportunities in Pueblo County by incentivizing youth to visit pro-social locations and earn rewards redeemable at local businesses.

Our Vision

All Pueblo County youth will have access to affordable positive and healthy opportunities and locations that will decrease the community’s rate of youth delinquency, substance use, and truancy. Our Commitment to You This collaboration is not meant to be extra work on the business. We want to bolster your profits and not impede on them. When considering the rewards that your business could offer, please know we are reaching out to serve the community’s youth population and are willing to work with you to make that happen.

 The SoCoYoGo Platform:

  • Destroys the barriers to youth accessing local positive locations (cost, transportation)
  • Incentivizes youth: the more healthy locations youth visit, the more rewards they earn!
  • Promotes an innovative use of technology

Our Partners

Colorado Youth Detention Continuum


Platform Developed By

Badge artwork design by Kiernan May

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